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We Are Leading Manufacturer ,Suppliers of vacuum plodder machine. Vaccum Plodder Machine is a type of soap manufacturing equipment used in the production of solid soap bars. It is an essential machine that shapes and extrudes the soap mixture to produce uniform and consistent bars. The vacuum plodder machine consists of a hopper where the soap mixture is fed, a screw that feeds the mixture into a vacuum chamber, and a plodder that extrudes the soap mixture through a die plate to form soap bars.

The soap mixture is fed into the hopper, which is then transported by the screw to the vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber removes the air from the soap mixture, reducing its moisture content and making it easier to shape and extrude.The plodder, also known as an extruder, has a die plate that shapes the soap mixture into bars of different sizes and shapes. The soap mixture is pushed through the die plate by the plunger, and the extruded soap bars are cut to the desired length.

vacuum plodder machine comes with various features, including a motor that drives the screw and plodder, a control panel that regulates the speed and pressure of the extrusion process, and a heating system that keeps the soap mixture at the optimal temperature.

advantages of using Vacuum Plodder Machine Machinery

  • vacuum plodder machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. Stainless steel is ideal for soap
  • It is designed to ensure efficient and consistent feeding of the soap mixture, ensuring optimal extrusion.
  • The vacuum plodder Machine is the part of the machine that removes air from the soap mixture. It reduces the moisture content of the soap mixture, making it easier to shape and extrude.
  • It has a die plate that shapes the soap mixture, and the extruded soap bars are cut to the desired length.
  • The machine comes with an electric motor that powers the screw and plodder, ensuring efficient and consistent soap production.