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Automatic Toilet Soap Plant Manufacturer

The entirely automatic toilet soap plants industrial by us are highly needed in the industry. The product is used in manufacturing toilet soaps. Mostly the toilet soap plants manufactures Toilet Soap Plant Manufacturersthose products that need kneading & extrusion.

  • Salient features of mechanized partial automatic toilet soap plant
  • Sigma mixer is placed on the platform to enable material flow by gravity
  • Soap Noodle is either lifted by bucket elevator  or through electric hoist or manually as preferred
  • Entire mixed mass from sigma mixer is fed to Noodler / Refiner
  • Refined soap mass is fed to the Triple roll mill where it is flaked out
  • Flaked material is lifted by conveyor to the Duplex Vacuum Plodder
  • Bar cutter cuts the bar to set repeat lengths
  • Soap cutter is used to cut the soap to billets matching to the final size
  • Billets are fed to automatic stamping machine or manual stamping machine
  • Stamped cakes are either carton packed or soap wrapped